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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Persia's New Watch Tower

My final monthly challenge is a "do-it-yourself" home improvement.  Each month a different material is drawn and we have the month to make some functional for our homes using that item.

January was rope or cording.

It took me forever to decide what I needed to put together.  Then I saw cat hair on my computer...

The little monkey has been jumping onto my desk when we are gone so she can see out the window.  She has the big to-the-floor windows in the living room but all she can see is the deck.  From the bedroom she can see out into the yard.

So I pulled out of the shed a bar stool I got at Hobby Lobby for about $7.00 on clearance.  It is very heavy duty and quite stable.

A few hours of weaving some sisal rope (oh my poor hands!) and I now have a kitty watch tower!

That is 100 feet of uncut sisal rope...

So now Princess Persia has her very own perch to look into the yard.  She can glare at the neighbor's cat Chandler as he goes 'moling'.

Or she can watch the birds as the swoop past from grabbing a bit to eat from the deck.

And when she feels like it, she can give her claws a workout with on the leg or the weaving.

Purrfect for a kitty!

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