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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Art and Craft in January

January has been a great start for my creative New Year of 2017!  I've been cooking, doing makeovers, and working on my KonMari project. I've also raised the bar on my creative arts and crafts.  Classes, workshops, challenge groups, and fun in my studio all play part.

I did a canvas painting workshop with the 'Red, White, and Blue' group.  My painting is called "Northern Lights over the Koyukuk River".

And a short time later I did another night sky at a free painting class at Michaels' craft store.  It's called "Blue Moon Over The Mountains".

I played around sketching copies of the rooster off my grandmother's "Poppy Cock" plates.  I did four them on backgrounds with Chinese writing.  I call the series "Year of the Red Rooster".

I had some fun with a post card swap with the theme of "snowman".

And I attended an interesting workshop on making bath salts (or scrubs) using essential oils.  The salts smell SO good!

I think I've gotten my routines pretty well in place this month so I'm looking forward to being able to add more creativity next month!

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