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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arts for Hearts Classes

The Clarksville artist co-op has started a new project call "Arts for Hearts".  The purpose is to make the creation of art by way of art classes ~ taught by members ~ available to everyone.  To do this, they have some class that are free and others with a low class fee.  The fee classes are to meet the expenses of the free classes.

To get to know the group, I recently took part in a couple of their free classes.

"Create Your World"

The first was a collage class by a local artist who does a lot of 'installation' art. He (and the group) supplied magazines and other materials for the class.  In particular the artist brought in some 'industrial manufacturing byproducts' from where he works (for example; the background is a type of fabric that is 'dyed' by the coloring process in the manufacturing).  And I brought in a lot of my own stash to work with.

Then later in the day was a heritage fiber art class.

We made a braided wool trivet/hot pad.

I redid the braid when I got home.  For some reason the teacher decided she was going to finish my piece and did not do a good job of it. 

My finished piece.

I've got all the hot pads I need so I decided to use this to display/store my Scottish brooches.  The top is a claddagh bar (which is more typical Ireland), then a vintage thistle pin that was my grandmother's.  The bottom three I picked up in Scotland...a thistle, a Loch Ness monster, and a Highland Coo.

I'm pleased with this way to show them off.

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