Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Tour... Just a Wee Bit Late

Tho very late, here is our Christmas home tour.  The reason it's late is on December 7th we had a bit of an issue...that being the popcorn ceiling fell off!  You'll hear more on that story a bit later but let me assure you it was a HUGE mess.

Decorating came to a screeching halt and resumed AFTER the New Year.

Yep, I was determined to finish.

The last time you saw our tree it was naked.  It's now dressed up - minus the glass ornaments.  It's Persia's first Christmas tree and we didn't know how she was going to act.  As usual, she was very good and left it alone.

Just a few of our ornaments.

Our main decoration for Christmas are our nativities.

This Bethlehem village is on our hearth.

A Magi coming in past an inn that is full.

A carpenter's shop.

A temple with a teacher holding a scroll of the Law.

A seller of goods.

The stable.  I love the Magi who is running towards the Holy Family.  There's some shepherds hanging out too.

The manger scene.

On the mantel is our multitude of Heavenly Hosts.

The rest of our nativities are scattered throughout the house...

That's most of them.

On Himself's piano we have our Christmas tree collection.  It was started with the little ceramic light up tree on the far right.  It was a gift from a friend - Himself's 1st grade teacher.

We have a collection of Snoopy too.  (There's also a Charlie Brown but he didn't make the photo shoot.)

Himself's toy truck now holds our Christmas cards.

And accent all through the house are poinsettia... real and silk.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Next year there will be more as I will have the outside decorated too (NO home projects after 31 October!!).

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