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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Gift of a New Year

... Hello 2017.

Last January I selected a touchstone word for the year.  It was ‘Beautiful’.  It was a good word.

It led me to the word I have picked for 2017.  That word is “Enough”.  There are SO many sides to it and all that I have considered (so far) apply to what I want in – and out of my life in 2017.

I am enough.

I do not need to prove my worth. 
I am unique.
I will not change who I am because I love who I am.

I have enough.

My life overflows with adventure and abundance.  I have what I need and plenty of what I want.  I will focus on being content and grateful for what I have.

I have more than enough.

Overabundance brings its own stress.  I will continue my KonMari declutter until I reach that balance of just enough.  I will not bring in more stuff that I do not need.

I have been fooling around long enough.

It is time to prioritize and stop procrastinating.  I have so many projects on my lists; it is just crazy.  Less (way less) computer time and it will be amazing what I will get done.  I have a husband to spoil, a family to enjoy, a home to make inviting, and art to create.

I have had enough.

I will no longer tolerate people in my life who want to always take.  From now on I travel on 2 way streets and will no longer shoulder all the responsibility of a relationship.

Enough is enough.

I will no longer be accepting of rudeness in the social and retail areas.  Purchases will be canceled, conversations will be ended. By no means does this mean I will respond rudely.  But I will be walking away more and volunteering to do things less.  And I will put into those who value me enough...

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