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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Stroll To The Lake

The weather has been wonderful and we’ve taken advantage of it with several walks down to the lake.
It’s really nice to have somewhere this beautiful to walk to… and to have it all to ourselves!
On the way down we watched one of our neighbors haying the flood plain.  It smelled SO good!
A few leaves are starting to turn for autumn.
I’m not sure what these flowers are.  There is some sort of bug that REALLY likes them… most of the leaves have been chewed down to the stems.
The bright red of the locust thorns caught my eye.  Definitely a “keep away” sign!
There was an amazing variety of butterflies and moths working over the flowers. 
I found this huge garden spider while taking a picture of her web…
… and a bit farther along the lake shore I found her sister!
There are a lot of dragonflies at the lake this year… and less up at our house.  I think the heat and drought brought them down here.
The hickory nuts trees are producing like crazy… and the squirrels are grabbing them up like crazy too.
We’ve been doing our family Bible study down along the lake.  We get in a good walk to get there, then we have a beautiful place to sit and study.
I love watching the waves on the water as Himself reads.
It’s amazing how they change patterns!
Found another locust tree…
…and this one has mature thorns.  They can really make a mess of you!
The bees are busy gathering the last of the nectar for the year.  This guy’s pollen bags are really loaded up!
They aren’t the only busy ones at the lake… the beaver have been cutting like crazy! 
We found quite a surprise in the lake this time… there are clams of some sort in there! 
And they are BIG!  Now we know what all the bubbling along the shore is about. 
I must be a frog magnet… this tiny guy was jumping around me as I rested.  Himself nabbed him long enough for the photo, and then we let him go.
An interesting leaf.
One last dragonfly before we headed home.


  1. What a beautiful day. You live in such a pretty area. Thank you for sharing your day at my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  2. I really like your photos. I am a country gal living all year round in a wee town name Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. I live where black bears roam and deer, Mose in my back yard also. So I do enjoy your beauty of what you have taken.

    God Bless.


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