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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gift of a Blueberry Pie

It all started with a beautiful pie plate.
Himself found this pie plate at a shop we visited and fell in love with the colors and pattern.  While I did agree that it was lovely, I pointed out that we already had 4 or 5 Pyrex pie plates.  He just grinned at me and said if he got it, he would bake a blueberry pie. 
We came home with the pie plate!
When Himself bakes, it is from scratch.  So he started with the pie pastry he learned from his Mom. 
After letting the pastry dough chill, it was time to get busy.
Rolling out the crust. 
Oh, did you notice the rolling pin?  There’s a story to that!  Himself likes to put damp baking supplies in the cooling oven to dry.  And one time he did that, the rolling pin… rolled.  To the back of the oven where it wasn’t noticed.
Fast forward to another day.
The oven was turned on to preheat…
…the house was soon filled with the cozy smell of a wood burning fireplace.  Ummmm…  Except for the fact that we didn’t have a wood burning fireplace and there was smoke coming out of the oven!
Patching up the holes…
I have a mess of blueberries in the deep freezer that I picked at a local berry patch.  But Himself likes the ‘gravy’ in canned blueberries.  So we compromised.  One can of blueberry pie filling and 3-ish cups of fresh frozen blueberries.
It made for a pretty filling.
Filling up the pie shell. 
Instead of using a traditional pastry top, he did a cinnamon sugar crumb topping. 
Thick… the way I like it!
The finished pie in its lovely pie plate.
Can’t wait to cut into it!

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  1. That pie plate LOOKS like it's meant for a blueberry pie! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.


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