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Sunday, September 23, 2012

ITP: A New Perspective

The self portrait challenge at Urban Muser for September was “a new perspective”.   Hmmmm… since EVERYTHING about self portraits is new for me, what could be ‘newer’? 
I decided that self portraits with Himself would fit the bill!  So many times when we’re traveling I want a photo of both of us and there is no handy stranger around to beg.
Here’s the good ol’ long arm shot… 
Not bad, not bad.
Then I played with the special effects on Picasa and did a ‘pencil sketch’.   Fun! 
Then I decided it was time to learn to use the timer properly!  A trip to the river made the perfect opportunity to play with it.  It took a few times, but I’ve got it figured out now. 
I wonder what the challenge next month will be!


  1. You did great with the self portrait. When I try and do that, I always miss or cut off part of my face. :-(

    1. That's the fun of digital... play with it until you get the feel for it. Delete all the junk!

  2. Looks like you had fun...himself sort of had fun too. Great to play around with images to create a new look. Your pencil drawing came out really nicely.

  3. That pencil sketch effect is very cool. I'll have to try that. I love the last shot of the two of you. You both look happy and relaxed. That's an accomplishment when you're running around trying to get into position before the timer goes off!

    PS - I love that rock wall in your header.

  4. yay, you learned something new! good for you, and thanks for linking up this month.

  5. My favourite is number two: the pencil sketch. It's lovely and so delicate and yet shows you just the way you are!


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