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Friday, September 14, 2012

My Artful Friday #3: The Secret Garden

There have been a slew of challenges that are a stretch for me… as I am not really into ‘whimsy’.  At So Artful there was “Magical Gardens”, at Take A Word there was “Hearts and Flowers”, at Collage Obsession the challenge was “Anthropomorphism”, and an older challenge at Inspiration Avenue was “Fairies”. 
I grabbed a hold of the theme that was coming together and combined the 4 challenges into one project… a collage.  The theme brought to mind the container garden "Fairy garden" that I want to make, so that made me smile.
An old Martha Stewart magazine had the scissors taken to it to give me the flower garden and Grandfather Oak.  Another tree in the same photo was cut up to make his face (plus some help from a Sharpie!). 
The background of rocks is a photo I took of an area where Himself and I like to take walks.  We often sit here and talk or do a Bible study together. 
All about the collage are little fairies from the ‘net.  Each one is about 1 inch tall.  That is some of the most painstaking cutting I’ve done in a long time!  
Definitely something out of my norm but I had fun with it.  And it turned out better than I thought it would!


  1. All good! My prior blogger post did not take...wonderful dragonflies and their meaning!

  2. You had fun with your scissors, well done.

  3. I love your Secret Garden and all the Fairies about. I hope you will come and join me in my Secret Garden for a Fairies TEA on September 23rd. A garden is a beautiful place to play/dream and let your imagination go. Glad that you kept cutting and shared it with us this week!

    From IA

  4. Love your Magical Garden.



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