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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Multi-Purpose Workbench

For Christmas and my birthday, my parents gave me cash to buy whatever I wanted… and that was TOOLS!  I got a compound miter saw, a nail gun, and an air compressor.  I wanted to build a workbench/storage bench for my projects.   But I had no idea how to put them together or what to do with those tools once they were together! 
 So I called a friend who is a contractor (he just finished remodeling our hall bathroom – more on that at a later date!).  Dan came over and put together the tools, then gave me lessons in how to use them as we constructed my workbench.  He’s a great teacher!
We built the workbench to my plans…
… which wasn’t as nicely ‘finished’ as he would have done had it been his plans.  But I learned a lot doing it my way…with some tweaks made by Dan. 
The top is a whole piece of plywood.  It is pretty high but that is how I wanted it.  I don’t like to have to stoop down when I’m working on something.  The shelves hold 12 small tubs and 8 large tubs.
They are labeled with what I’ve stored in them.
I wrote the labels on the handles too so I can see just by looking down which tub I need to grab.
It frees up a lot of space in my hobby room (or at least will once I get that remodeling project done!). 
I love how it turned out!  My first project on it was the Roseman Bridge memory shelf.  I can’t wait to work on other project on it.


  1. What great storage! And nothing's stuck under a pile!

  2. Great idea! Did you secure the bench to the floor, or is it moveable?

  3. very nice.....great idea to label fronts and tops of handles.



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