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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Organization 101 Challenge – Start in the kitchen

In my quest to get decluttered and organized, I’ve learned the hard way that even (especially) the areas you’ve already done need to be gone over regularly to keep them as they should be.  So I was happy to see Toni at “A Bowl Full of Lemons” as started a 14 week home organization challenge at her blog. 

She is starting with the kitchen.  Check out her blog post for some GREAT ideas for getting your kitchen in order: 

A while back I completely organized my kitchen and I’m happy to say it has been fairly easy to maintain.  I’ve made tweaks here and there to fine tune it but it is mostly good.

However, I used the challenge to really think about whether or not I was completely happy with the set up.  I decided a few more tweaks were in order.

I put a screw in a drawer behind the silverware organizer to keep it from slipping backwards every time we opened the drawer.

I ditched a bunch of tired ol’ dish towels and put out fresh new ones.  (The old ones are now cleaning rags.)

I rearranged a couple of lower cabinets to make more efficient use of space.

I thinned the cookbook herd; keeping the ones I use regularly upstairs and moving the other downstairs to my hobby room library.  I was able to free up a shelf to use for other, yet to be determined, storage. 

I put some hooks in the saucepot cabinet to hang the lids from.  Himself says it looks goofy but it works really well. 

The spice cabinet needed neatening.  I have a lot of different spices and a few really good blends. 
And I worked on the cabinet I store my vinegars and oils in.  I use a LOT of flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils.  I was tired of the little bottles falling over as I reached around them.  Now they are stored in containers that I can move the whole thing in one movement and not worry about any falling. 

Not a lot had to be done and what did need work is now finished.  On to the next challenge!

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