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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Slipping In

We’ve had several night where is has gotten down to the low 40s.  Ahhhhhh… autumn is slipping in. 
I am SO ready for autumn… fires and marshmallows, colored leaves, cool nights with the windows open, pumpkins, smoke barns, and fields full of asters.
The golden rod is blooming along side of the road.  A sure sign that fall is in the air.
Thistles are making one last push before there is frost.  The finches will get most of these seed heads before they have a chance to grow.
And the geese are coming through.  I’ve only seen a few ‘V’ formations going by but that will pick up as the days become cooler. 
Welcome Autumn!


  1. Nice capture of the bug on your first photo.

  2. I agree....WELCOME Autumn!!! My favorite time of year!!

  3. Beautiful! I'm ready for fall as well.


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