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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Artful Friday #4: Celebrating Friendship

I was able to finish the “Celebrating Friendship” challenge from Inspiration Avenue.  And it worked out to combine it with the "buttons" challenge at Crazy Amigos too. 
Late every fall we head up to Wisconsin and Minnesota to visit “the senior delegation”… Himself’s older relatives.  They range from their early 80s to 94 years old (last year we lost the oldest relatives… at 108 and 101!!). 
One of Himself’s family members is an auntie of the heart.  Lorraine was his mother’s best friend and there is now a sweet friendship between the two of them.  So when I saw the theme, that was the friendship that immediately came to mind.
Although the miles are many (about 820)… it is never an issue to make the trip.  And we’ve been doing it for years.  I took this photo in Lorraine’s yard on one of our many visits. 
The photos of Himself and Lorraine span the years of visiting. 
I used the lace to represent some lovely crochet works she has given us… including a beautiful piece made by her mother.
The buttons are in the colors of autumn; when we always go visit.
And the heart button represents the love between them.
It’s is a very special friendship and one that we will always celebrate.


  1. I love that vintag motel style chair setting and the sentiment you added. Blessings!

  2. This is an amazing collage keeping all the memories intact ...for the years to come:)


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