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Monday, September 3, 2012

Elements of Creativity

I’ve found another photo challenge blog at “52 Photos Project”.  My photography is another facet I want to explore and expand this year.  And challenges that take me out of my normal routine are a fantastic way to do just that.
The challenge for this last week was to photograph the items we use to create.  That gives me a lot of possibilities to choose from with all the different hobbies I do.  But since my hobby room is in the beginning stages of a total remodel (SO excited!) I decided that I would focus on cooking.  I love to cook: trying new recipes, changing up old recipes, taking culinary class. 
Himself requested a dinner of my stuffed green peppers.  That suited me as I had a few peppers from my garden, plus some we had picked up at an Amish farm. 
However, I had no hamburger left in the freezer.  But I did have a pound of ground lamb.  Alrighty then!  Let’s start cooking!  I added to the recipe some garlic and used brown rice to go with the lamb.
Success!  Himself declared it was the best stuffed peppers I’d ever made!


  1. How fortuitous that you only had ground lamb instead of hamburger. I'll bet they were delicious!


  2. I love your prep photo. That's interesting, because I would never have considered lamb. I would probably have used wheat berries!

  3. Hi and welcome!
    I'm loving the elements you've shared here :)

  4. Oooh, yum. My mom used to make the best stuffed green peppers--bringing back good memories!


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