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Friday, September 14, 2012

My Artful Friday #3: Turquoise Pottery

The challenge for this week at Three Muses was “turquoise”.  Having used that color in another challenge recently, I decided to kinda cheat this week.  I’ve been taking a pottery class and a couple pieces I’ve recently glazed were turquoise.  So I will show those to you!
I did this mug on the wheel.  This thing is the result of some battles royal with the clay I’m using.  It is a very dense clay and it fights back on the wheel.  I am soooo sore after a couple hours.  I’m here to tell you… it is nowhere as easy to form up as that famous scene from “Ghost”!!
For the handle I braided three ropes of clay and attached it to the mug. 
 I call this my pizza plate!  LOL  It is a piece of my slab work.  I could get lazy doing slabs.  They are so easy and very fun.  The texture in the bottom of the plate is from the canvas on the slab roller.  I liked them and didn’t work them out of the clay. 
I'm looking forward to learning more about pottery in my classes!


  1. You have such talent, Teri. These are beautiful.

  2. Just started going through the other entries at The Three Muses- I love this- I am starting to fall in love with ceramics, and the turquoise glaze is beautiful.

  3. I love the subtle turquoise tones of the pottery. Thanks for sharing with us this week at Three Muses!

  4. Gorgeous pottery creations ~ Wonderful! (A Creative Harbor)

  5. very BEautimous, Teri!! love those pieces!!


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