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Monday, September 10, 2012

Windows and Doors To The World

When we travel I find myself taking photos of windows and doorways.  Something so common that it is truly everywhere… yet so different from culture to culture.
The world starts at home, and so I will start at our home...
Although the windows are just ‘plain old windows’ the view is fantastic.
And our front door is rather unique. 
Looking thru a church window on the island of Colonsay. 
The doorway at Eilean Donan Castle.  To me, this is what a castle door should look like!
Windows of so many different shapes in the Parliament building in Victoria, British Columbia. 
The balcony door at our Victoria hotel gave us the view of the harbor.  What a neat sight to wake up to!
A window in one of the beautiful church in Celaya. 
In Guanajuato, there were many fabulous balconies.  The details were amazing.  Terra cotta works, wrought iron, pots of flowers. 
Windows are a more basic affair in Debre Zeit.  A simple framed opening with bars to keep out thieves.
Doors were simple too, even on this large church. 
Dubai is considered one of the most modern and luxurious cities in the world… yet the apartment buildings had laundry hanging out of the windows. 
And the shops have common doors. 
This simple shack has one plain door and one plain window…
… while this cantina down the road has an ornate door and windows.
Homes and businesses seemed to still be recovering from years of war.  Windows were plain and barred. 
Except in the colonial buildings, which, like this balcony door, still had the grandness of a different time.
More balconies with the lovely windows looking out onto the streets.
This tiny door is part of the old fort in Cartagena. 
Bars on windows and doors are the norm here.
The looking out the windows of this building at one of the canal locks must be fascinating.  Truly a global thoroughfare with ships from all over the world going back and forth.
The balcony doors in our cabin on our Panama Canal cruise. 
What a view to wake up to!  Cape buffalo outside our lodge window on the Masai Mara.  At night we could hear lions roar. 
The doorway into a traditional hut near Lake Victoria. 
So many windows and doorways… all different, yet all the same.  Because behind each on is a family with hopes and dreams.


  1. Wow! You do a lot of traveling in a week! Just kidding. I love this post. It's amazing the glimpse these window and door photos provide into so many different worlds and cultures - better than a geography book. Thanks for sharing and, by the way, the view from your window is breathtaking!!

  2. What an incredible post! I loved every picture and every glimpse into every culture! I envy your travels but appreciate your sharing! Beautiful, interesting images!!

  3. Beautiful window all over the world! Great job!

  4. What an amazing tour of the world! There are some unbelievably beautiful doors and windows in this series.


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