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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Artful Friday #4: Owls

It’s been a busy week… finishing up the remodel of our hall bathroom, having a Extension Homemakers meeting and lunch out here with nine guests (plus I taught the lesson on photography too), and having Himself’s piano tuned are just a few of the things that were on our plate.
So I haven’t had much time for many artful endeavors.
However… the challenge at Collage Obsession was “owls” and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. 
This verse from Isaiah is perfect.
With that in mind, I started collecting what I wanted to use.  The photos are from the ‘net.  The bark was donated by the sycamore tree in our back yard.  I’d picked up that ‘knot hole’ piece months ago because I loved the way it looked. 
And the feathers have been in my stash in my ‘nature box’ since last year. 
(Shhhhh…I think they are from a turkey…)  LOL 
The verse meaning a lot to me because I’ve seen how the desert ‘comes alive’ with the rains, just as the soul comes alive under God’s Grace.


  1. This is amazing! You definitely found the perfect Biblical verse for your collage. Thanks for sharing it with me. Blessings!

  2. Oh, so beautiful and so original! Thanks for participating.


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