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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Artful Friday #2: Windmills of Your Mind

This week I combined my art challenges into a couple of single projects.  This has been Himself’s first week home and we have been very busy being lazy.  ;-D  
At “Inspiration Avenue” the challenge was ‘wheels’ and at “Collage Obsession” the challenge was ‘grey’. 
I had a whole chain of thoughts for ‘wheel’, all cruising about in my brain to the song “Windmills of Your Mind”.  
“Like a circle in a spiral,
Like a wheel within a wheel;
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel.
And I dug into the photos I’ve taken.
The bottom left photo was taken at Vicksburg Battle Field at the USS Cairo exhibit.  The windmill was taken in Langtry, TX.  And the top photo was at The Shack-up Inn in Clarksdale, MS.  
The areas not covered by the photo collage were painted “flannel grey”.  I several thick coats to get a texture. 
Earlier this week Himself dropped my kitchen timer for the last time.  Dead timer.  I promptly pulled it apart to see what made it work.  And that ‘what’ was a whole lot of cool wheels and springs.  
Perfect for using on my mixed media. 
I printed two copies of the gear wheels – one was plain and went down as a base of the collage.  The second I added the text.  I cut out and mounted the text onto card stock.  I mounted it over the exact area of the base photo so that it was elevated and extended a bit beyond the edge. 
This one was so much fun to make!



  1. How wonderful, Teri!! I really enJOYed this post and your clever way of combining everything into one for the week. I sometimes think to DO that and then I forget which one I am DOing something for!! I suppose that is a good problem to have, eh?!

  2. Wow! This is super! I'm thinking of "accidentally" knocking my kitchen timer off the counter...

  3. Ha, I'm also looking for something I could accidentally break! What a great example of reusing and recycling. And perfect for the Wheels challenge :) I love your collage!

  4. Great collage and I loved seeing how you got to the finished piece - really fab.

  5. It was fun to read about the whole process, it allows the blog reader to see much more of what's behind a cool piece of art!

  6. I really like the grey, perfect for this composition.


  7. So super cool, what fun. So neat to think we can use those parts of broken things. Great collage.

  8. Wow! How very creative and cool is that?!!!! I just love your piece and that you even thought to use pieces from the broken timer. I love that may not be old enough to remember this but I think it was in the first version of movie "The Thomas Crown Affair".


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