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Friday, September 14, 2012

My Artful Friday #3: The Big Bright Texaco Star

"That's why you can trust you car,
to the man who wears the Star
 for the kind of products that can take care of you car,
 At every Texaco Station,
clean across the Nation,
 You can trust your car
 to the man who wears the Star

The big bright Texaco star!"

I’m doing some more ‘catch-up’ here with this challenge of “Black and White with a Touch of ?” from Three Muses.

For this challenge I decided to hand color 2 of my black & white photos.  I used a watercolor pencil without wetting it, as I like the way the color turned out.

This photo was taken in my home town of an old Texaco service station that was in the process of being refurbished.  It isn’t being used for anything… it was done just to look ‘cool’.   I need to take some more shots now that they have finished the project!

I took this photo at the “Shack-Up Inn” ( ) in Clarksdale, MS.  The most unique place I’ve ever stayed… truly a place for artist and musicians!!  We are planning to go back some day and stay longer than the 2 days we were there. 

The ‘juke joint’ was decorated with this old Texaco sign.  I loved the way it reflected in the window. 

I love how these turned out and plan on hanging them in my hobby room!


  1. Very cool. I'm not familiar with watercolor pencils but it looks like I should check them out. I love how your pictures turned out.


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