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Monday, May 21, 2012

Burning Energy!

I just had to share some photos of Little Hoss and Little Bird at the Chesterfield, Missouri park I mentioned yesterday. 

There is a really nice playground the babies love.  This shot is one of the few times they actually stood still!

There is one apparatus that has a series of tubes, ladders and runways.  The kids loved climbing around in it.  In fact, it was kind of hard to get them to leave…

“Oh no!  Here comes Mom!”

“You can’t catch me!  One step closer and I’m heading down this tube to the other side!”

“Is she gone yet??”

But when we mentioned it was time to go swing, they were outta there!

Those kids adore swinging.  Isn’t the look of determination on Little Bird’s face fun? 

She loves going fast and high….

Whipping hair and all…

Little Hoss wanted to swing with me for a while. 

If I could only plug into their energy for just a little bit.  Oh, the things I could get done…

Sis had a great idea of taking shots of the babies holding letters that spell out “Mamo” – their name for their grandma.  It took 3 cameras taking a LOT of photos to get the four we needed. 

Most of them were similar to this…

Hoss loves to climb “up”.  So on our walk down to the lake, he insisted on walking along the retaining wall.  He got a kick out of being ‘taller’ than me.  Won’t be all that long before he really is!

Best part of the day?

Just being with family.

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