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Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You For Serving

Today was given to you to enjoy.

A simple “thank you” means so much because it doesn’t happen often enough.

Those who have sacrificed aren’t faceless, nameless digital creations. 

They aren’t part of a program to entertain.

They were, and are, loved and cherished human beings.

So enjoy your day to the upmost with family and friends in laughter and fun.  
But don’t forget why you can have this day.  Never, ever forget.

Never take for granted what you have here and now.  They don’t…

Show respect and gratitude for those who are standing up for you… by standing up for them.  It’s a simple thing that means a great deal.

“Some” does not mean ‘a little’… it means that you got to come home. 

My step great grandfather came home.  My husband came home.  As have many of my friends.

My uncle did not.  Some of my friends have not… Odie, JD, Tre, and more, too many more…

And some of my friends are still in the thick of it.  Striving, trying, and giving. 
Friends like CSM Rob D. who is trying to make a difference while he’s over there… so maybe one day we won’t need to go back.  He works during his precious off duty hours to teach the locals a better way… by education and bringing them improved means of making a living.  In this photo he has given garden vegetable seeds to Hajji Anayet and other local men so they can grow better produce for their families and to sell in the market.  (Sorry for the low quality photo.  I had to do a screen capture as I could not pull the image off the PDF Rob sent.)   

Thank you to those in the past, in this present time, and those in the future. 
Thank you for stepping up…

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