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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Just Want To Help

I uploaded some photos that Himself took while we were in Missouri this last time and found some that almost broke my heart. 

One evening while we were at “the babies’ house”, Big J asked me if I would put up a ‘screen’ on their back door.  Because they have a dog door so Wrigley can go in and out, they cannot use a regular screen door.  Big J had found one of those “Seen On TV” magnetic doors and decided to give it a try.  It is basically a net curtain with magnets down the middle that catch on each other to keep it closed.  Pretty ingenious actually.

It was a beautiful evening and the babies were playing on the deck under their Grandpa’s watchful eye.  Big J was grilling and my Mom was inside cooking the side items for dinner. 

Little Bird was enthralled by what I was doing.  She wanted so bad to be a part of it.

When I needed the second panel she ran inside and brought it to me. 

And watched raptly as I started to put it up.

But then the excitement became too much and soon she and Little Hoss were running back and forth thru the net curtain. 

With nothing permanently fastened down… running thru it was NOT a good thing.

So I had to banish them to inside, behind the closed door.  Little Bird just ached to be out there with me.

She never took her eyes off me.

And she chattered to me thru the open window.

I tried to find something… ANYTHING… that she could do.  I ended up handing her bits of trash thru the dog door so she could drop them into the trash can.  She was totally focused as she waited for me to hand the next piece thru to her.

While I was working I was only partially paying attention to her (getting the curtain to hang right was a bit tricky).  I didn’t really see her watching me…not really SEE her.  I am so thankful that I did take the time to engage her even the little bit.

Because when I was finished and the family was looking it over, she so proudly told everyone – “I helped.”

Yes you did, my precious Little Bird… yes, you did.

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  1. I have wondered if those screens work well. Seeing yours makes me want to take the plunge. Little Bird is a cutie and a great helper.


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