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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Great Garage Clean-out Challenge

The February 29 Day Organization Challenge at “I’m An Organizing Junkie” was such fantastic motivation for organizing Himself’s office that when she issued “The Great Garage Clean-out Challenge” for May, I had to jump in.  Since what we call “the shed” is actually a detached garage I figured that qualified!

The garage/shed is the dragon’s lair of clutter.  When we moved out here, EVERYTHING that didn’t have an immediate place in the house went out there.  Then as time passed, things I had ‘thought’ I would need in the house but didn’t were stuffed out there.  And finally, when I had to move things out of my hobby room quickly… it was all thrown in there wherever it would fit.

The result is chaos.

And I am weary of chaos.  This is what I am dealing with and how I plan on solving the issues.

This is the NE corner.  Its function is going to be the ‘sitting’ area.

And here is the NW corner.  The shelves on the west wall are 1 foot deep and take up half the wall space.  They are where I want to keep small power tools and supplies.  The floor space near the shelves will be the temporary holding area for my hobby room stuff until I can get that room remodeled (hopefully over this summer).

The SW corner has half of my 3 foot deep shelves for large items storage and on the other half of the west wall I will build shelves that are 2 foot deep to hold items used in or for the yard.   The floor space there will hold my lawn tractor.

Finally the SE corner has the other half of the 3’ shelves and in the corner is where I store lumber.  The half of the east wall will have a pegboard and racks to hold tools.  The floor space here will be where I store furniture I’m working on. 

There is a lot to be done but Himself is home to help me.  So I know we can get it done!


  1. I really should join this challenge only it's my basement the is in dire need of exorcism.

  2.!!! I absolutely LOVE those 3 foot deep shelves!!! So much storage! I like how you have it all planned out. Having a vision will help reach your so much easier. I need to go back to my pictures and do that. I cannot wait to see your end result!



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