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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Possum Trot Forge

Himself and I are part of a blacksmith group… even tho neither one of us actually DOES blacksmithing.   But we have a deep admiration of the art and enjoy being a part of the group.

The group is called The Possum Trot Forge and they have monthly meetings.  Sometimes they are at a historical shop in Adams, TN and sometimes they are held at a member’s home forge.  Our meeting last month was held in Adams.  Members range from teens who are just learning the trade to old hands well into their 80th decade.  Almost everyone is both student and mentor.

Each meeting there is a ‘homework’ project members can opt to do.  After the pieces have been admired, the participants draw numbers and low number (and then up) gets to pick one of the pieces to take… so everyone can get a sample of each others’ work/techniques.  The April project was “pokers”.

Each one is so unique.

This split handle with the marbles took a lot of work! 

They also have “show and tell” where one can bring in something they have made just to show it off. 

Isn’t this bracket amazing?

A very nice tool.

The giant safety pin would be a fun accent in a sewing shop.

Himself liked the trident.  LOL 

There are all sorts of cool tools in the shop that make for great photo ops.
A vice…

Various tools…

And a drill.  They all get used at one time or the other. 

The main part of the meeting is a demonstration by one of the members.  This time Wade (a professional blacksmith) made a decorative hinge. 

It turned out great. 

Then anyone can do stuff they’d like to. 

Like take a horseshoe and make a ring out of it.

Or make a leaf from a metal bar.

It’s a great way to learn a new technique. 

And that is what this group is about.  Teaching, learning, sharing.  And that is why we so enjoy going.

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