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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

World Harmony Run 2012 - USA

On our way to Missouri we drive thru a very small town called Wickliffe, Kentucky.  We’ve passed thru so many times we barely see it as we drive along – it’s our halfway point and we just want to keep moving.

Last time was different tho.  As we approached the “T” intersection we saw a man running up the hill towards the intersection carrying a flaming torch!  This was certainly different.  And in a parking lot at the intersection was a van with some logos on it. 

Of course we had to turn around to see what it was all about!  ;-)   As we pulled in, a different runner was heading out towards the bridge to Illinois.

The two remaining men were quite happy to talk to us.  They are part of a large team made up of member from all over the world who are taking part in the USA World Harmony Run… not (as one put it) any of that ‘world unity stuff! 

Basically, the run is to promote world harmony as in “we’re all different but let’s agree to disagree and just get along!”  They are invited to visit schools, churches, and other such places to talk about how we could all get along.

And we can agree with that. 

After an interesting visit, we all went our own ways.  On the way out we passed the runner as he crossed one of the bridges. 

As you read this, they will be in Amarillo, Texas.  If you are interested in learning more and/or seeing if they will be traveling thru near you (roughly a route that goes thru Amarillo – Santa Fe – San Diego – San Francisco – Seattle – Rapid City – Chicago and back to New York City), you can visit their web site at:  

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