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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chugging On Decluttering The Shed

This week in the garage shed we tackled the SW corner. 

It was an area that had been ‘stuffed’ in a very chaotic way.  Piles upon piles upon piles.  So we worked on large item sorting (not yet going thru the boxes) and getting things in some semblance of order. 

Basically… we re-piled the boxes.  L  BUT… we did go thru a bunch and loaded the back of Little Red to take to Goodwill and the ReStore.  However, it is time to pick thru waaaay too many boxes we haven’t gotten to and we need to build that 2 foot deep shelf.

But it looks better than when I started!


  1. It looks fantastic! I'm jealous off all the shelves you have to work with there!


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