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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Culinary Adventure for Himself

During our visit to the Farmer’s Market I found out a very sad thing. 

So sad I had to do something about it immediately.

I found out my dear husband of 30 years has never had real kettle corn!!  Yes, I gasped too…  How terrible to go thru life without ever having real kettle corn. 
Maybe it’s not a North Dakota thing.  But in the Midwest, almost every carnival and fair had a kettle corn vendor stirring the popcorn, sugar, and salt into a wonderful treat. 

And here in Nashville, I found it at the Farmer’s Market (it was the second wonderful aroma to hit my nose after the smell of peaches).

Look at all those flavors!

Now days there are many more varieties besides the traditional kettle corn.

Himself prefers a savory flavor rather than sweet.  He picked “garlic and parmesan” for his flavor…

… but I insisted he try a bit of traditional.  Personally I think it’s the best kettle corn I’ve had.  The kernels are big and fluffy (as you could see in the first photo) and the seasoning was very balanced.

This wonderful kettle corn is made by Moose Head Kettle Corn ( ).  They are a local company in Nashville and are found at quite a few outdoor venues like the Grand Ol’ Opry plaza on the weekends.  They also do mail orders.  I wouldn’t mind if someone sent me some as a gift!! 


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