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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Prickly Outdoor Project

Here's another project inspired by the challenges at Mary Organizes. 

These little cactus have been sitting in their cell pack for waaaaaaay too long.  In fact, I lost a few because of the neglect.  -sigh-  So I gave myself a kick and got busy.  I had bought an old set of tongs just to handle cactus with.  Using those and a LOT of care, I was able to get them planted without a single sticker lodging itself in me.

Once planted I covered the soil with tiny river pebbles.  Then I picked through my 'pretty rocks' and scattered a few about.

Isn't this a great rock?  It is some sort of fossil (can't remember where we found it).  It looks like a little barrel cactus to me.

I'm really happy how it turned out.  And it will look nice in the house during the winter months too.

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