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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clear and .... Stormy???

We came home yesterday from Little Bird's birthday week.  We had with us Little Hoss' old dresser in the back of Little Red truck.  Sis put a new chest of drawers in his room as the dresser wasn't able to stand up to a rough and tumble boy.  (He used the drawers to climb on top of it to launch himself onto his bed!  Yep... he's all BOY!  LOL)

Having the option of bringing it home now or waiting until next visit (storing on my parent's property), I checked the weather forecast.

Sunny and clear.

So we loaded up and set out for home.

About a half hour down the road we see this...

Ohhhhh no...

And they get closer and bigger.

And darker.

There's little pips of water hitting the wind shield.

Oh no...

Behind us isn't looking very good either.

Yep... here it comes.

Don't you just love a good weather forecast job?

I'll be spending this afternoon cleaning up that dresser!

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