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Monday, August 25, 2014

Out of Season Flotsam

As we drive here and there, I tease Himself that I am scanning the roadside for 'flotsam'.  After all, I have made some fun roadside discoveries like my metal "oversize load" sign ( ) or my cute little ladder ( ).

Our trip home from MO was no exception!  We hadn't been on the road very long at all when I was telling Himself to turn around, I saw treasure!  (Right in front of the Harley place Dad.)  

I bounced out of our nice AC cooled truck into 99* plus heat to grab a SNOW SHOVEL!

Yes, a snow shovel.

A brand new snow shovel.  Except for a little road rash it is in perfect shape.

Now Himself can move some snow this winter... if we get us some snow...

That reminds me of a joke on of Himself's cousins told us.  

A man from North Dakota had finally had enough of the windy frigid winters.  He never wanted to be in the cold again.  But where to go to meet that need?

He packed up his car and the last thing he loaded was his snow shovel on top of his car. 

Then he started driving straight south.

He drove and drove and drove, visiting with people along the way.

At a gas station in south Texas a young boy pointed to the roof of the car and asked "What's that?"

With a smile the man said to himself... "This is home!"

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