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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Keeping Clutter In Check: The Living Room

There’s a whole new home challenge at the Mary Organizes blog.  This one is to declutter your house in 13 weeks.  Declutter only – no major organizing or cleaning.

My upstairs is pretty good, but to keep it that way I need to regularly go over areas that can collect clutter.  This challenge is good motivation to do that.
Week 1 was the living room.  There’s only three places clutter can hide in there; the entertainment center, the cedar chest, and my small desk.

I started with the entertainment center.  There were some new DVDs and CDs that needed attending to.  

I keep them in albums and had not yet transferred them in.  Also took a little extra time to Sharpie on the album spines what was inside them.  

Next was the cedar chest.  It had a bunch of VHS tapes stored in it; either family tapes I need to get transferred over to DVD or movies I haven’t yet bought the DVD version.  Pulled those out and went through them to make sure we hadn’t gotten one of those newer versions.  Sure enough... a couple movies went into the sell and donate piles.

Now all that is in the cedar chest is my candle and vase stashes. 

Finally was the little desk.  There were a few odd things that had been stuffed in the drawers, probably when company had dropped by.  Some went in the ‘put it away’ box and the rest into the trash.  Drawer 1 has the 2nd garage door opener and drink coasters, drawer 2 has a few light bulbs so we don’t have to go to the tub downstairs where we stash them, and drawer 3 has our phone with a cord (power goes out and the cordless phones are useless!).

It only took a bit over an hour and I removed a plastic grocery bag worth of clutter.  Good deal!

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