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Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Easy Fix

Once again I am catching up on my challenges at Mary Organizes.  A couple weeks ago we were to work on something for the bathroom.  Other than get a picture framed and hung, there isn't anything I wanted to do with the hall bath.  And the master bath is an August project.

Then Himself made the decision on something that did need to be done...

You see these shower curtain rings?  

That is happiness you are gazing at!  Smooth sliding, non spinning, easy to deal with shower curtain rings.  

We did have these.  And we hated them.  The top is much heaver than the bottom.  So unless you have a heavy shower curtain to hold them down, they flip all the time!  Then they are all wonky and a pain to use.

But they are better than these that they replaced.  Those if you weren't careful just flip right off the rod itself!  

Shower curtain rings... no more aggravation.


[Edit:  The round shower rings we are now using came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.]

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