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Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Thai Rama restaurant in Crystal City, MO

Just a little bit off the beaten path in Crystal City, MO is our favorite Thai restaurant: Thai Rama (  ).  We usually try to grab a lunch there whenever we are up visiting.

I always start with a bowl of Tom Kha Kai... a mildly spicy (for me) coconut milk soup with chicken, straw mushrooms, cilantro, lemon grass, and a bit of ginger.  I like it so much I'm considering next visit to order a couple bowls and have it as my main course.

My favorite entree is the ginger stir fry.  I chose beef for the meat and extra ginger.  The veggies are carrots, green peppers, zucchini, straw mushrooms, mini corn, and garlic.

And I always get one of their delicious Thai ice teas (and a glass of water so I don't hork it down!  LOL).  I really, really need to make a visit to the Thai food store in Nashville and get a bag of Thai tea mix (it is hands over better than just using regular tea bags).

For dessert Himself had 'purple rice pudding' which is made with "forbidden black rice".  It was interesting with its slightly earthy/nutty flavor.

My choice was sweet sticky rice with bananas.

I highly recommend Thai Rama.  It's located at:

907 North Truman Blvd (aka Hwy 61/67)
Crystal City, MO

(coming off of I-55, use exit 175 and head east to Hwy 61/67.  Then go north about 1.5 miles.  It's on the west side of the road.)

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