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Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Groom Your Little Pony

Little Bird has an upcoming birthday and her party is going to be "My Little Pony".  I knew this back in June when Himself and I were at the Trenton town yard sale.  There was a little girl who was thinning her herd and had "Pinkie Pie" up for sale.

For .50c!

Needless to say, Pinkie came home with me.

But Pinkie had been living the wild life.  Her 'coat' was dull with dirt and a few stray markings.  And that mane and tail... oh my!!  What a ratted mess.

First thing I did was to wash her down with good old soap and water.  Better but not perfect.  So then I went over her with a Mr. Clean Eraser pad.  

Oh yes, that worked wonderfully.  She looked like a new pony!

Next step was to deal with that mane and tail.

I broke out my hair conditioner and started working in large dollops until all the 'hair' was saturated.

Then I gently worked it in.

Can't forget her tail!

Then the combing started...

This step took about 40 minutes.

As I finished each small section, I flipped it over to keep it out of the way.  The conditioner kept it where I put it.

Some areas were really ratted... pony split ends!  Those just had to be trimmed off as the damage could not be repaired.

Finish comb through.  No more rats!

Then it was time to rinse...

... and rinse some more.  I was very careful not to get it knotted again.

Pinkie Pie is squeaky clean!

A bit of inverted drying to give her mane some 'lift'.

Pinkie Pie is looking glamorous now!

A mane any girl would envy!

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