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Sunday, August 31, 2014

August In The Rear View Mirror

What a month!  The cool July slid into a hot and muggy August.  Outdoor projects came to a screeching halt.  This girl does not like to sweat!  There is always plenty to do inside...right?

Since I loathe sitting still, I did a makeover on our guest bedroom along with decluttering the closet.  Plus I started a makeover of our master bathroom.  I’m really hoping I get it done tomorrow!  Darn wallpaper slowed me down hugely.  It’s coming off inch by inch.  Ugh!

Our only trip was up for Little Bird’s 5th birthday.  The Little Pony fiesta was a hit with everyone and she added to her wee herd nicely. 

It’s been a social month, with visits to and from old friends and new.  A friend of Himself’s came for dinner for the first time and was a wonderful visit.  So much fun to make a new friend! 

Lots of events and meeting this month.  We had our first meeting for Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection.  It’s only 77 days until collection starts!! the way, hope you have a fun Labor Day tomorrow!

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