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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lamp Shade Makeover

When I was working on my guest bedroom makeover I needed to do it on a shoestring budget.  And one of the things I needed to work on was the lamp shades.  

There was nothing wrong with them... except extreme blandness.  They blended into the wall way too much.

Mom told me that my aunt was always spray painting her lamp shades whenever she redid a room.  That sounded like a good option as I have a LOT of spray paint.

Himself vacuumed them thoroughly and I painted.

That's it... just sprayed them down with lots of light coats.

At first, while they were still wet, I thought it was an epic fail.  They looked really ratty.  I was sooooo mad.

But when they dried, they looked a lot better.  You could see the texture of the fabric and the color was just what I wanted.


So I tried them out in the bedroom and love them!  I'll definitely do this little makeover trick again.

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