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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time To Travel

With this hot muggy weather, I've been working around in the house instead of outside.  I have a big project going on right now, but I also am having some fun with some rearranging of shelves.  The instant gratification of getting a shelf done is so nice when you've been working on a project that drags on and on!

The shelves that need the most updating are in the living room.

A 'time to travel' theme kind of fell together for me.  (Imagine that!)

It's ironic tho that most of the pieces on this shelf are not from our travels!  LOL  In fact, most of it is from Home Goods.  The soap stone infinity knot on the far right is from Kenya and the old padlock is from a local yard sale.

This shelf has more personal stuff.  The photo to the left is Himself and I in Cartagena, Columbia.  The frame has the "A time to..." verses from Ecclesiastes.  The suit case was my Dad's... he used it on his senior trip!  The picture with the windmills is a mixed media piece I made.  The old globe is from a yard sale.

Fun stuff!

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  It is so us!

Two shelves down... about 15 more to go!

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