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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Simple Flower Arranging Class

At a recent Homemakers club meeting we had a demonstration on how to do a simple floral arrangement.  Our teacher was the grand daughter of one of our members.  She and her mother used to own a flower shop.

She started with a bunch of flowers; some from her garden and some from a grocery store bouquet.  She also had a clear round vase and some 'oasis' (floral foam for securing the flowers in the vase).

The oasis needs to have been soaked for a while before you start.  Then you cut it to snugly fit your container.

She used some hosta leaves to style the clear container.  She said they would look good for several days before you would need to change them out.  I think it looks cool.

Start by filling in the base of your arrangement with some 'fluffy'.  Here she used hydrangea.  Then you put in your tall pieces in a triangular shape.

After that... it is filling in between the top and bottom!

Make sure your colors work together!

And it is done.

Of course, simple is lovely too.  Here are garden flowers in old bottles.

And some zinnias in bud vases.



  1. I've tried, in vain, to find any kind of group like this in Central Oregon. I know there HAS to be something out there but all I get when I Google Homemaker's clubs is for 'assisted care'. Not ready for that just yet.....sigh....I wish I knew how...I would just start one!!!

    1. Find your local county agricultural agent office. They will have the info if there is one available.


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