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Monday, August 11, 2014

Guest Room Makeover

Nothing like a good challenge to get you moving on a project!  The "Get Your DIY On" challenge at House of Hoff was just the motivation I needed to finish redoing our guest room.


This is our old bedroom set, moved into the guest room when we moved here.  

As you can see, the room is TINY!  Granted that is a king-size bed but still...

Going with a smaller bed was not an option for us.  Most of our guests have traveled quite a distance and a large comfy bed is what I wanted to be waiting for them.

Now the 'after'.

Same furniture but the room is made over.  

The denim bed spread (Ralph Lauren) and all the shams are from my Mom.  The Pendleton blanket on the foot is from Sis.  

 Just picked up the curtain panels from TJ Maxx for $20.

I put up a gallery of art over the bed.  Some is from artists we have discovered on our travels... and some are photos I made.

We found this piece at a winery in North Dakota, painted by a local artist.  The glass is amazing!

This fingerprint smudged piece (opps!) is a couple of photos I've taken.  The top is the neon sign of the famous "Loveless Cafe" in Nashville, TN.  The bottom is the locally famous Ferrell's in Hopkinsville, KY. 

A collage of a few of my photos at Adak, AK.

I bought these from a street artist near Ground Zero.

This is from San Antonio, TX.  Beautiful area.

Over on the left side of the bed.  

The mirror was one of the contenders from the hall bathroom model.  Didn't work in there but I liked it so much I kept it.

The lampshades were redone with spray paint!  They both blended right into the walls.

The nightstand was a curb find.  I redid it in silver using the aluminum foil technique.

Love this clock!  It came from Silver Ridge Pottery in mid Tennessee, a surprise stop on one of our day trips.

The right side of the bed.

This little telephone stand was my great grandmothers.  I redid it with silver spray paint, leaving the shelf parts natural.

The silk yellow roses belonged to my grandmother.

This little WillieRaye figure is called "Doris the Duck".  My grandmother's name was Doris...  LOL

Not much room at the foot of the bed.  Just enough for a small chair.

I found this one at the ReStore.  It didn't look like this when I started.  When I worked on it the first time, it was scrubbed (a lot) and repainted with a textured black spray paint that matched the finish on the bed.  All I had to do this time was to recover the seat.

I made this shelf.  It is a duplicate of a portion of the Roseman Bridge in Madison Co., Iowa. Here's the story behind it: ( )

It is right above an outlet so it is a good place to recharge phones.  One can also set wallets and keys there.

Even the doorstop has a memory.  We got this in Lynch, KY, a coal mining town were we used to go on mission trips.

OK, there is one other before and after...

Messy overstuffed closet, into...

Organized storage closet.  Plenty of room for company's things, yet good storage for us too.

Better... yes?


  1. Great transformation, it really lightened up the room!! Thank you for sharing with us at Get Your DIY on with your Room Revamp. I hope you'll join us next month for your Pinterest Inspired Project!

  2. Great job!!! Thanks for the link, too, but they don't have a way to sign up to get e-mails when they post and I never remember to go back and check a blog ;-( I think I need a blog like that, though, to spur me on to do the things on my 'list'.


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